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Many human resource and training activities are subject to ritual, or doing the same thing the same way over time not because it’s the best practice, but because change is hard work. So it is with leadership development practices. As one of our contributing authors points out this month, leadership training programs are full of activities that have been done repeatedly over the years and have face-value validity.  But taking a new look at developing leaders from a design rather than a ritual perspective can have significant payoff, he believes. For more details, read the story, "Challenge Your Leadership Development Rituals."

If you have feedback on this issue, or ideas for a future edition, we’d love to hear from you.

Dave Zielinski, Editor

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How Can Social Learning Scale Massively? Lessons from World of Warcraft
By Ben Betts

If people work in groups separate from each other, how can we mitigate the silo effect and ensure we capture learning on a collective basis? The answer may be in massively multiplayer online role playing games. Much fuss is made of class-size effects in schools, but I often get blank stares when I talk about the dangers of putting 10,000 people together in an online learning environment where we are trying to foster social learningLearn more 

Challenge Your Leadership Development Rituals
By Elliott Masie

It’s time for leaders to take a fresh look at leadership development and create tomorrow’s development process based on today’s evidence. Organizations spend more than $13 billion a year on leadership development and training. They invest in new, rising and established leaders. They go to leadership retreats, to business schools for professional development, spend time with the C-suite occupants, participate in 360-degree feedback, get coaches and learn multiple theories of leadership and management.  Learn More

Sharing Hidden Know-How: Facilitator as Catalyst for Innovation
By Katrina Pugh

With her book “Sharing Hidden Know-How," Katrina Pugh introduces a radical new way to unlock the knowledge captive in organizations. She introduces the “Knowledge Jam,” a facilitated conversation between “Originators” (experienced individuals, teams, networks) and “Brokers” (representatives of the learners, such as instructional designers).  Learn More

Onboarding Program Indoctrinates New Milliennials at MACH Speed
By Jennifer J. Salopek

As a professor teaching business management undergraduates at Vanguard University, Chip Espinoza interacted with young people on a daily basis. Several years ago he noticed a major shift in student attitudes, behaviors and expectations regarding schoolwork and assignments. Almost simultaneously, his corporate clients began to raise a new issue during consulting projects on organizational change. “I found that my students wanted very specific direction,” Espinoza says. “Meanwhile, my corporate clients were finding them difficult to work with.” Learn more 

How Much Narration in E-Learning Courses? Our Lessons Learned
By Don Bair and Mike Dickinson

How much audio narration should we use in our e-learning courses? Are we using the right narrators? How good does the quality have to be? Do we have the right equipment?

These are questions our three-person, internal e-learning team recently asked ourselves. We want to share our findings. Learn more 

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July 2011


How Can Social Learning Scale Massively? Lessons from the World of Warcraft

Challenge Your Leadership Development Rituals

Sharing Hidden Know-How

Onboarding Program Indoctrinates New Millennials at MACH Speed

How Much Narration in E-Learning Courses? Our Lessons Learned



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