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Let’s face it: Time is the enemy of our good intentions, be it making HR more of a strategic resource, evaluating the impact of training initiatives or giving more frequent, meaningful feedback to direct reports. But as expert contributor Jack Zenger points out this month, there are many ways for time-starved leaders to be more effective in shorter segments of time. For his practical ideas, read his article, How to Be Brilliant in Brief.

Dave Zielinski, Editor

HR Leaders: How to Be Brilliant in Brief

By Jack Zenger

Several decades ago Henry Mintzberg wrote The Nature of Managerial Work, in which he noted that managerial activity was characterized by its variety, a series of relatively brief interactions that can be incredibly fragmented. He observed that phone calls averaged less than six minutes and typical one-on-one meetings averaged approximately 12 minutes. Learn More



Health Savings Accounts Prove Increasingly Attractive Option


By Lisa Gillespie

Employers and employees alike have found a more affordable health care option in health savings accounts, according to two recent national surveys. The surveys, commissioned by ACS, an IT and BPO firm, show that 77% of employers believe that high-deductible health plans with an HSA are key in controlling health care costs. Additionally, more than 56% of account holders have found that their HSA-qualified plan provides an affordable health care option. Learn More





5 Lingering Myths about E-Learning


By Marc Rosenberg

There’s a lot we know about e-learning, much based on fact and experience, but we base some of what we believe more on wishful thinking, tradition, and legend. Separating the two can be a helpful exercise, but it can also be controversial, as people will disagree on what is true and what is myth. Learn More



Defending the Term ‘Gamification’ as Used in Training

By Karl M. Kapp

Recently, one of my blog postings Design e-Learning Like a Game Developer: Provide Incentives for Good Work, received a response related to the fact that “gamification” is an easy-way-out; that we need to be careful about extrinsic motivation and that I was not correct in my posting about the use of extrinsic motivation. I want to respond to the comment here. Learn More



Product Review: Rapitivity Himalaya Pack

From Training Media Review

The folks at Harbinger Knowledge Products have been busy updating and enhancing Raptivity, their software for the rapid development of online interactive learning games. It seems that someone’s been listening to their customer base because the new version comes with a list of enhancements longer than my arm.

The Raptivity Himalaya Pack bundles the following: Raptivity Standard;
All TurboPacks (Games, Videos, Simulations, 3D, MindPlay and WordPlay and Active Learning) and Booster Pack 1.  The “pack” terminology can be confusing. They are all collections of ready-made templates you can use in Raptivity to develop interactive games.

Click here for the full product review

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November 2011


Leaders: How to Be Brilliant in Brief

Health Savings Accounts Grow in Popularity

5 Lingering Myths About E-Learning

Defending the Term ‘Gamification’ as Used in Training




Identifying and Developing High-Potential Talent

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