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Owing to their competitive natures and fast-moving, lone-wolf jobs, salespeople rarely have time or interest in sharing lessons learned with their sales colleagues. But that represents a big missed opportunity for organizations looking to take their collective sales performance to another level. To overcome those challenges, more sales leaders are turning to social learning to foster a teamwork culture. To learn how they’re doing it,  read this month’s article, 4 Ways Social Learning Can Help Sales Teams Share Knowledge.

Dave Zielinski, Editor

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Video Interviewing Cuts Costs, But Bias Concerns Linger

By Heather O’Neill

As an executive recruiter for 17 years, Amy Rueda has tried most every form of technology to find the best talent. Starting in the profession when paper résumés and face-to-face interviews were the norm, Rueda adopted videoconferencing when it became popular in the 1990s. She soon discovered that although videoconferencing cut travel expenses and was more convenient, it was pricey since it required specialized equipment and locations. Learn More

4 Ways Social Learning Can Help Sales Teams Share Knowledge

By David Koehn

Because of the competitive, fast-paced, constantly moving nature of the job role, it’s difficult to build knowledge sharing into sales teams. Social learning can help. Salespeople thrive on competition — it drives them to succeed. But for sales organizations, the competitive nature of their reps can undermine attempts by leaders to build more cohesive teams. Learn More

Making Training Content Mobile: What You Really Need to Know 

By Skip Marshall

Making your material available to mobile learners poses some unique challenges for content developers. It’s one thing when you know your audience. But it’s particularly challenging when you’re working in the extended enterprise space where the end users’ environment is unknown. Learn More

The Role of Leadership ‘Funnels’ at Cerner Corp. 

By Margery Weinstein

Critical to Cerner Corporation’s success, the company says, is the way it creates a culture of leadership and builds a company of leaders. To ensure Cerner generates a pool of talented leaders, the company designed a framework to define its overall strategy for leadership development.  Learn More

Product Review:
Training from the Back of the Room


From Training Media Review

Review by Kim Neubauer

After reviewing a heavy, jargon-filled business book, I found Training from the Back of the Room: 65 Ways to Step Aside and Let Them Learn ! by Sharon Bowman to be a breath of fresh air.

Its colorful cover, creative graphics, diagrams, and plain English are user-friendly and fun. The basis of this book is an "accelerated learning" instructional design and delivery model. The book is constructed so readers will experience the process as they learn it.

Chapters end with "one-minute conclusions"–e.g., concept maps–and learning logs for readers to summarize or internalize what they have learned. The author illustrates with a variety of training topics such as insurance, customer service, financial and termite control. To implement the model themselves, readers can choose among a massive amount of active, creative ideas to stimulate learning.

Click here for the full product review

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Video Interviewing Cuts Costs, But Bias Concerns Linger

4 Ways Social Learning Helps Sales Teams Swap Knowledge

Making Training Content Mobile: What You Really Need to Know

  The Role of Leadership ‘Funnels’ at Cerner Corp.



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