5 Reasons Avoiding Social Media Training is Dangerous

By Brigg Patten

Social media training is becoming mandatory for a large number of businesses and companies, all in an effort to stay updated in this technological world. It’s so important that it ranks up there with conventional media and PC training.

Allowing your team to undergo social media training in an effort to collaborate over social media outlets is the easiest way to boost your business’ online reputation.

1. Save money on training

What’s a better reason to do something when it comes to your business other than to save you money? On-site social media training is cost-efficient, as it can save you literally thousands of dollars in employee training and development.

2. Stay on the same page

Everyone is on the same page once you’ve gone through social media training together and understand the importance of supplementing learning with social media. Instead of having each member of your team assigned to one social media task, they can all be caught up to speed at the same time and all be capable of doing the marketing for social media.

3. Don’t be a statistic

A whopping 42 percent of social media networkers indicated that they would or currently do post negative information about their employer, boss, or co-worker. Social media training works to avoid a negative online reputation, boost ethics and morals in the workplace, and reduce the number of incidents where this occurs. This makes it one step easier to getting ranked first by search engines, earning passive income through the website, and whatever other ventures you may be pursuing online in order to make an income.

4. Policy isn’t enough

Providing a social media policy is great for employees that actually read and understand it. The others are left to do what they wish, unless everyone receives engaging, in-depth social media training. Providing the training necessary to educate your employees on the policy is the best way to enforce the policy and make sure it’s actually understood.

5. Reduce employee turnover

Social media misuse is very common in the workplace. In fact, over 50 percent of employers have to deal with misuse of social media by employees or former employees. Allowing or actively promoting social media and social media marketing in the workplace actually may hinder your business and its online reputation without providing your employees with the proper social media training. Instead of having to fire your employees for misuse of social media, implementing a training program can prevent that.

There are many reasons as to why avoiding social media training in your organization is dangerous. A lack of proper training can actually impact your business or organization negatively. Remember, however, that social media training, or any type of training for that matter, is not a cure all. Sometimes training will be the answer to solving any number of corporate ills, but sometimes you’ll need to look for the answer elsewhere.

Helping your team to be one body over social media and to censor or monitor what they say over social media outlets can reduce any negative impact it could’ve had on your organization’s online reputation.

Instead, allowing your employees to undergo training and providing them with a happy, stress-free work environment is the easiest way to have them promoting the company and sharing the content you post on your website. Employees who receive social media training are more inclined to react and respond positively online.

Reprinted from TrainingIndustry.com

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