About Us

We are a community of experts and practitioners dedicated to sharing the best, most practical information about human resources and training issues. Each month WorkforceXpert e-newsletter aggregates the industry’s best advice and lessons learned, saving readers time and helping to solve their toughest workplace challenges.

We offer the latest news, case studies, research and peer insights from across the web, providing  “best of” information to help make HR and training more valued and strategic resources in your organization.

We heard what you had to say, thanks to your feedback in a recent reader survey. That’s why we’ve enhanced our resources across multiple channels to help increase your impact as a human resource or training professional.

Our new “Xpert Thinking” program is a way of starting discussions among industry experts and practitioners. Our 80,000 readers are busy professionals who have a thirst for becoming more effective workforce experts. That drove us to create a number of new knowledge-sharing initiatives to keep the dialog going and the information flowing. This includes:

  • Our monthly digest eNewsletter, WorkforceXpert.
  • A  Webinar Wednesdays series featuring the industry’s top experts providing how-to advice and insights.
  • An enhanced website, rich with the latest HR and training resources as well as information that can be integrated into your HR or training initiatives
  • A Google hangout, an online community of HR and training professionals dedicated to sharing best practices and lessons learned. To join, click here.
    We recognize that this community is rich in knowledge and experience. We look forward to the discussions and wisdom we all will gain from this new initiative.

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