How Does Your Salary Stack Up?

By Training Magazine Editorial Team

Average training salaries grew nearly 3 percent to $83,494 in 2014-2015, according to Training magazine’s Annual Salary Survey of 1,280 readers.

The average increase in salary in the last 12 months (not including a promotion or change of employer) also remained at just under 3 percent, the same as in 2013-2014. The majority (48 percent) of respondents typically work between 40 and 44 hours per week. Some 44 percent of respondents said their salary was low relative to their responsibilities, while another 46 percent said it was equitable. Only 9 percent (down 1 percent from last year) believe they are well paid relative to their responsibilities. Some 55 percent of respondents said they received a bonus in 2014, and 59 percent are eligible for one this year (both answers are the same as last year). The average cash bonus was $10,603, up from $9,866 the year before.

Only 2 percent said employers asked them to take a pay cut in 2014-2015, down from 3 percent previously. Some 39 percent of respondents said their organization cut budgets in the last 12 months, 6 percent less than in 2013-2014. Travel was trimmed by 36 percent of respondents, down from 41 percent. Some 12 percent froze salaries vs. 14 percent in 2013-2014. And 6.5 percent eliminated bonuses compared with nearly 8 percent the year before. Employee layoffs decreased a bit, from 24 percent to 21 percent.

Most training professionals continue to enjoy what they do for a living, with nearly 73 percent saying they wouldn’t choose another career if they could do it all over again. Of those who preferred other careers, answers ranged from cybersecurity expert, Human Resources director, and petroleum engineer to actor/performer, cosmonaut, and fiction writer.

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Reprinted from TRAINING Magazine

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