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Best Practices for Incorporating Multimedia in Webinars with Ken Molay

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Webinar content can be so much more than PowerPoint slides and narration. Have you considered adding live video, prerecorded content, audio clips, web interactions, quizzes, or interactive exercises to your webinars? Multimedia content can improve attention and engagement from your attendees, but only if you use it carefully and correctly.

Watch this webinar and learn best practices for incorporating multimedia components in your webinars. You will gain valuable tips such as:

1.            Ways that multimedia can increase or inhibit interaction and engagement

2.            Techniques for smoothly integrating recorded content into your live presentation

3.            How to avoid making the most common and annoying webcam mistake

4.            What technical factors you need to be aware of before adding multimedia

5.            Fair use considerations for referencing publicly-posted contentKen Molay

The session was led by Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success and a recognized expert in webinar production and presentation. Ken shares tips and tricks gleaned from 15 years of webinar experience, with plenty of practical examples for webinar administrators, moderators, and speakers.

Listen to the questions asked during the presentation and Ken’s insighful answerrs. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new ways to enhance your webinars and make them more attractive and memorable to your target audiences.


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The 5-Point Formula for Powerful Presentations with Author, Simon Morton

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The presentations that are the most critical to the success of your organization today are not the ones delivered on stage in front of hundreds of rapt listeners.  They are the ones you and your colleagues deliver every day, looking to connect with an audience – of a few, or many – and drive action.  Watch this recorded webinar will challenge everything you thought you knew about creating and delivering engaging business presentations.

Based on Simon Morton’s critically-acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations”, this webinar is for the everyday presenter looking to drive results.  His consultancy, Eyeful Presentations has perfected their methodology and created a formula for the success of their clients.Watch this interactive webinar and you’ll learn how to successfully:

          • Assess the needs of your audience
          • Structure an effective story
          • Be prepared for informal, interactive presentations
          • Use visuals with real meaning
          • Master nuances for blended presenting – live or on demand, in person or online, or a combination

About Simon Morton, Eyeful PresentationsSimon_morton with frame Simon Morton’s early career as an executive for an international technology company exposed him to more PowerPoint presentations than was good for him.  With his firm, Eyeful Presentations, based in the UK and with 6 international offices, Simon has been ridding the world of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ for over 10 years.  In his new book, The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula behind Powerful Presentations, Simon shares the methodology and approach that has driven Eyeful’s success and that of its world-class clients.


Webinar Recording: Surviving Handout Hell with Rick Altman

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Have you ever fallen prey to the conventional wisdom of printing slides to create a handout. Then this lively and interactive webinar with presentation specialist and author, Rick Altman is for you! If the most annoying trait of all PowerPoint users is placing too much text on a slide (and it is), the leading cause of this offense is the printout. If you harbor the belief that you can create a slide that will be effective as your live visual and as your printed handout, this session attempts to disabuse you of that misguided notion. Responsible presentation designers must separate the tasks of creating visuals for their live presentation and creating printed handouts. In so doing, they distinguish themselves from 99% of everyone creating slides today.

Highlights include:

–       How to move away from the Print button;

–       Did you know that PowerPoint has a Handout master?  Too bad it’s useless for this purpose

–       Learn how to create two documents within one PowerPoint file  

ABOUT RICK ALTMAN:  He is one of the most prominent commentators in the presentation community today. Rick is the author of 15 books. He is the host of the Presentation Summit, the internationally-acclaimed learning event for presentation professionals.  An avid sportsman, he was not a good enough tennis player to make it onto the professional tour. All the rest of this has been his Plan B.

Before and After: How to Make AMAZING Slides…Fast! with Mike Parkinson

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Graphic guru, Mike Parkinson is back and showing us more of his magic! In an interactive session, he shows us how to transform bad slides into amazing slides. See real before and after examples and learn how to do it yourself. Learn what makes a slide a failure and see how to fix it… fast. Using tools, tips and tricks we turn bullets into compelling graphics, improve templates, and enhance content. Using real slides sent in by those in the live webinar, Mike will transform them in real time into amazing slides using tools, tips and a little magic!

After this session you will be able to:

1) Identify why a slide is bad (or great)before_after_Banner2

2) Turn bad slides into amazing slides

3) Transform bullets into graphics

4) Make your slides more memorable

5) Objectively validate that your slides will be successful

6) Save time and money

ABOUT MIKE PARKINSON Mike Parkinson (100x100)

Mike Parkinson of Billion Dollar Graphics brings a wealth of experience and talent to today’s webinar. He really understands the power of graphics. You will see him transform simple PowerPoint graphics into powerful visuals that make a statement. Mike has authored several books on presentation graphics and created several resources that any of us can used to enhance any PowerPoint presentation.

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